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I hope you find this useful... this little space I've created for you. Here you will find things related to BNI that I have found particularly interesting, and bits from my 10-minute presentations that you may use as resources.

First things first! This podcast is an absolute must-listen. It outlines and details several simple steps that will help us to grow the chapter - these are things we are already doing, slightly tweaked:

Podcast Episode 639

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Things you should know about your deepest secrets

INTECH 10-Minute Presentation 9 January 2020

There is no escaping the need for numerous passwords in this digital age. It is vitally important that we consider how we use and protect these keys to our kingdoms! 

Over the past 20 years we've trained ourselves to create and use ineffective passwords that are hard to remember and easy to crack!


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Key points:

  • It is imperative that we use unique passwords for each service and site that requires credentials. Do not reuse your passwords!

  • 8 character passwords are not secure and can be deciphered within seconds.

  • Password entropy is key.

  • Using a system can help you manage numerous unique and complex passwords without making your head explode (I can share such a system - let's do a 1-2-1 click here to book one with me!

  • Password vaults are a game-changer. I can help you set one up, let's do that 1-2-1!

Use the link below to test the entropy of potential passwords. While the author

of the service claims nothing is stored, you may not want to use your most cherished passwords. 

Passwords - Hard for humans easy for put
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