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Got Computer Problems?
INTECH has Computer Solutions!

integriTECH is our array of flat-fee services on offer to our residential customers and backed by our 30-day guarantee. This is a 2 phase, flat-fee total break-fix solution; flat-fee means no hidden costs. At INTECH, you will never hear the likes of, "it took longer than expected so here's a hefty bill." Instead, this is how integriTECH works:

  • Diagnostic Phase: Bring us the computer and we will diagnose the problem within 48 hours. We will tell you what's wrong,  how to fix it, and the cost of any parts required. 

  • Advanced Repair Phase: If you opt to have us fix the problem, the diagnostic flat fee is waived. Instead, you pay the advanced repair flat-fee + the cost of any parts required.

  • Call us for the flat-fee rates... 


Need Antivirus and Malware protection? Click here!





Call us, 306.914.0846, to see how we can help you with:

  • Virus & Malware issues

  • Maintenance and refreshes

  • Hardware Upgrades and Replacements

  • Slow Sluggish Responsiveness

  • Viability Assessments

  • Broken screens

  • Lost or forgotten passwords

  • Frozen / stuck updates

  • Data transfer and recovery

  • Software & Operating System installs and updates.

  • Printers and Peripheral issues

  • Wi-Fi & Home network issues.

  • PC & Mac & Mobile

  • Office & Email Configurations

  • Contact Syncing between devices...


Is your issue not on that list? Call us anyway, we can probably fix it.

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