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10 Ways of Leveraging Office 365 to Increase Your Company's Productivity

Considering the high speed of business in today’s fast-paced world, a company’s success is directly tied to its peoples’ productivity. A considerable financial strain on your business may result from employees unable to work as productively as they should or could.

Fortunately, many technologies exist to aid in combating this problem. Increasingly, we are seeing these technologies migrate to the cloud which offers additional cost savings to businesses of all sizes. Office 365 from Microsoft is a popular software suite that can help boost productivity in your workplace in numerous meaningful ways. Here’s 10:

1. Easy Collaboration

Working with Office 365 facilitates improved communications within your organization, and with the outside world. Office 365’s comprehensive shared, and individual calendars and coctacts—staples of Outlook—offer best-in-class communications and organisational management tools.

OneDrive, Outlook and SharePoint are prime examples of applications that allow employees to work on projects with one another, exchange files and documents quickly, easily, and reliably no matter where they might be in the world. This makes it possible for employees to collaborate with freelancers, vendors, off-site support and co-workers who are out in the field while still on the clock.

2. Your Office on the Go

As mobile technology evolves, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. Much of today’s workforce is looking for ways breach the walls the physical office. Whether this is working from home throughout the week or catching up on tasks after-hours, people want access to their work-related data no matter where they are, as and when they need it.

Office 365 incorporates an extremely powerful mobile solution that integrates with a variety of mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Applications can be installed on up to five devices per user, which means people can access their Word, Excel and other documents to get work done when and wherever they are.

The mobile experience is fully functional and seamlessly intuitive to anyone familiar with the desktop counterparts. The mobile version of Word was used to write the copy in this paragraph, with track changes enabled, and making use of iOS features like dictation. This alone empowers increased productivity for anyone to looking capitalize on creativity when and where it strikes.

3. Simple Communication

Effective and efficient communication is the cornerstone of productivity. Office 365 offers a variety of options to ensure people can speak in real time without having to meet face-to-face, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online coupled with Outlook

  • Instant messaging

  • Video chat

  • Skype for Business.

These tools empower collaboration making it possible no matter where you are.