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Gone Phishing

Threat Alert! #Phishing is real. This morning my inbox had a little gem ready and waiting, hoping to wreak havoc on me and my contacts! In this age of digital everything, it is not uncommon to receive legal documents in your inbox. #DocuSign is a common platform for such things.

Now when these arrive from folks in your contact list, and especially from potential clients, or at least folks you've done work for, then it doesn't take much to hit that left mouse button. My finger was itchy.

But wait! There were oddities... I had never received an email from this individual within that Org. I was not expecting anything from these folks. And the little disclaimer, "Please see attached documents for your review. Kindly let me know if you have any questions." Felt a little too abrupt.

A quick call was in order and, good thing too!

Once I knew this was indeed an attempt to steal my credentials, it was time to play (I am in the business of security and protecting my clients you know!)

On a test box, I clicked the links... nothing happened... the layers of security that form the foundation of #INTECH's #integriSHIELD did there job and blocked the destinations. The wonderful gatekeepers were doing their thing wonderfully.

On that same test box, I circumvented that gatekeepers that protect all INTECH partners, and wow! This little bit of badness would allow the user to log in to just about any service to view and sign the document: #Office365, #Google, #Dropbox... you name it there was a clickable icon for it. I'll bet you dollars-to-doughnuts it was not going to take you to that next contract you're trying to land.

Stopping there I figured I'd share this. Be certain of the documents you open and the links you click. They may look legit, but ensure that they are before you click on or follow them into the murky depths of the under-web.

Have you protected your assets? Contact INTECH today if you have any questions, or require any assistance shoring up your computer’s defences. We offer a host of solutions that will help to keep your assets safe; ask us about integriTRUST, integriSHIELD or familySHIELD for details. | 306.914.0846

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