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Business Continuity

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Intellectual property. Corporate record. Ideas and brain trust. Your data is worth protecting!

Proud to be partnered with VEEAM and Acronis, for best-in-class backups and disaster recovery solutions. Onsite, cloud-based and hybrid options - your data never leaves Canadian borders!


Certified Acronis Backup Specialists.

At INTECH we understand that disasters come in all shapes and sizes, and always at the worse possible time.


From a server crash to a cyber-attack or pilot error, your Disaster Recovery Objectives remain constant: get the data back, now!  


At INTECH, we build scalable, robust Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions that will adapt to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding a disaster.

Disaster Recovery 

– Disaster recovery is focused on helping your company respond to an unforeseen event in a way that helps you return to normal operations in the shortest time possible.  Our approach blends different technologies to help meet your business needs.

Business Continuity 

– Business continuity focuses on keeping your most critical infrastructure consistently available during an unforeseen event.  We understand that communication during an event is often the most challenging aspect of dealing with a disaster, and our approach keeps your most critical data and communications platforms available through cloud services and fault-tolerant systems design.

Meeting Your Goals 

– We understand that every business has different needs and varying objectives.  You can rely on our expert experience to help you find the right Backup, Disaster Recovery and  Business Continuity plan to meet your specific needs. Contact INTECH today!

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Business Continuity - Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity - Backup & Disaster Recovery

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A Modular Approach 

– A good Disaster Recovery plan includes planning for RTO (Return to Operation) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives).  Each of these goals requires different methodologies and different tools.  Reliance builds modular systems built on several award-winning tools and services that will adapt to the situation at hand.  Some of the tools that we use are:

  • Onsite Backups - On-Site backups:  Meeting a quick RTO goal often means keeping a local copy of your data for quicker recovery.  Image-based backups allow for quicker recovery of both single files and full server restores.

  • Cloud-based BDR: If your office becomes inaccessible or is damaged, keeping a copy of your data in the cloud allows you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • VEEAM and ACRONIS Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)– Hybrid on-site and off-site 3-2-1 solutions. A locally based staging ground and storage keeps data locally and manages the offsite replication process.  INTECH uses this technology in larger environments with significant backup storage needs to meet both RPO and RTO objectives with a simplified management structure.


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