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With integriTRUST, we manage your IT infrastructure from design to deployment, empowering you to focus on strategic initiatives—your business’ core activities. More than just your IT team, we serve as an integral extension of your business ensuring technology supports your goals and affords you a competitive edge in the marketplace. integriTRUST is our range of Service Level Agreements – competitively priced peace of mind that allows you to focus on what matters while we maintain the integrity and functionality of your Computers, Networks, Systems and Technological infrastructure.

integriTRUST means peace-of-mind. It means predictable spending on proactive infrastructure management, which translates to less downtime and fewer costly break-fix scenarios. It means a team of professionals ensuring that your tech works when you need it to. It means business continuity and security for your company's intellectual property, corporate record and all data. It means professional, courteous and agile IT Helpdesk support when you need it onsite or remotely.

·Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM):



INTECH will install a lightweight agent on each endpoint and server. This agent will monitor a host of processes and services and report back any potential issues or anomalies. These status reports enable our technicians to proactively mitigate issues before they evolve into problems, and often before the end-user even realizes that a problem is brewing. By staying on top of the "little things" we are able to mitigate and prevent issues from becoming "big things" and developing into costly downtime.


Remote Monitoring and  Management forms the foundation of our Managed Services. It provides insights into the technological infrastructure that facilitates the standardization of our baseline. When your shop reaches parity with our standards, we are able to ensure adherence to best-practices, confidently assure business continuity and cybersecurity, and consistently reach RTO and RPO targets in the event of incidents.  


  • 24x7x365 Intelligent monitoring.

  • Endpoint and network protection.

  • Patch management & Scripting – ensure operating system and software are up to date and running properly.

  • Hard drive health monitoring.

  • System health monitoring.

  • Remote break-fix capability (if something breaks we can fix it remotely).

  • Onsite break-fix remediation (when the remote restoration of service is not possible).

  • Increased productivity.


·Cybersecurity, Threat prevention & mitigation:


We take pride in partnering with the best in the business. That said, we are constantly researching our vendors' competitors to ensure that we are able to provide the very best that technology has to offer. integriSHIELD is our ever-evolving cyber security suite.


  • INTECH is proud to be Saskatoon's only Cylance Protect Partner. Cylance Protect & Optics represent the cutting edge in AI enhance Antivirus protections that uses Machine Learning and advanced detection algorithms to prevent even zero-day attacks

  • Webroot Secure Anywhere, best-in-class DNS Secure Gateway protection, remotely monitored and administered. 24/7 protection with reporting to suit your schedule

  • Malwarebytes, best-in-class anti-malware premium protection for Android devices and BYOD users.

  • Best Practices implementation: INTECH will suggest ways to improve the security of your network, data, servers and workstations and assist in the transition to higher levels of security without impacting the user experience and usability of systems.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response


·3rd Party Vendor support:

  • Problem with proprietary software? We will act on your behalf and deal with all 3rd Party Applications’ support teams and technicians. We will ensure that environmental variables needed to make your applications run smoothly are met and facilitate the resolution of issues that arise.


·IT Helpdesk:

  • When problems arise, our Saskatoon-based helpdesk will jump into high-gear to get them resolved.


·Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

  • Managed, monitored and tested Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Tested weekly to ensure your data is retrievable.

  • Customized Onsite, Cloud-based and Hybrid BDR solutions.

  • Customized Recover Point Objectives - we can creat a BDR scheme that scales with your business' needs.

  • Custom Return To Operation (RTO) objectives to get your data back quickly in the event of a catastrophe.

  • Pricing on a per-device & per-gigabyte basis.


Contact us today and discover the INTECH difference.
Intelligent. Integrity. In time.


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